At-Large Candidate for the ICANN Board
Karl Auerbach

Nominate/Endorse Me!

In order to have a chance to be on the ballot I need at least 432 nominations from ICANN at-large members in the Canada and the USA.

ICANN is accepting "member-nominations" between August 15, 2000 and August 31.  Read the important notices below and take the appropriate steps to ensure that your nomination will be effective - You can make a "member-endorsement" only if you have "activated" your membership.

Even if you have endorsed someone else you are free to go back and change it - you do this simply by going back to ICANN's endorsement web page and make a new endorsement.



Have you activated your ICANN membership?  Activation is yet another step you must take after you have received your PIN letter from ICANN.

You'll need to be active to endorse someone's nomination. To activate you need the PIN, the member ID, and the password.

To activate go to


If you've lost the e-mail with the member ID and password, you can have it e-mailed to you again from ICANN.

Go to


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