At-Large Representative for Canada and the United States on the
ICANN Board of Directors
Karl Auerbach

Diary July 19, 2002
(Executive Commitee meeting - I'm not on that committee)

This was a meeting of ICANN's "Executive Committee" - that's the inner sanctum of ICANN's board.

The preliminary report is on the web at

This meeting apparently covered two items, reimbursement of "expenses" incurred by the president (Stuart Lynn) and approval of $125,000 to a consultant for something related to .org.

What are those expenses and who is this consultant and for what purpose has it/he/she been hired?  Your guess is as good as mine.  No information has been conveyed to this Director, nor has any information been offered to this Director about the nature of these presidential expenses or the reason for this consultant.

This failure to communicate is a perversion of the proper relationship between a Board of Directors and the management that works for the Board of Directors.

ICANN's management has shown that it is incapable of assuming its proper subordinate role.  Consequently it is incumbent upon the Board to immediately remove ICANN's management from their offices and discharge them from their duties.  However, I seriously doubt that ICANN's Board of Directors has the nerve to take that step, a step it should have taken years ago.

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