March 25, 2003

Where am I?

Folks might notice that I'm not in Rio at the ICANN meeting.

Instead I'm in Colorado at the IFIP/IEEE International Symposium on Integrated Network Management.

When I committed to give a keynote talk I had expected that as of this date I would no longer be on the ICANN board.

The title of my keynote is "From Barnstorming to Boeing - Transforming the Internet Into a Lifeline Utility"

The presentation (MS Powerpoint, 55kbytes) and my speaker's notes (Adobe Acrobat, 155kbytes) are online.

In many senses, what is heppening here in Colorado will have more impact on the technology and usability of the net than anything that may occur in Brazil at this ICANN meeting - As is becoming increasingly apparent, ICANN has abrogated most meaningful technical roles and serves primarly as a body "regulating" DNS registration services for the benefit of certain special interests (euphemistically known in ICANN-ese as "stakeholders".)

In any event, I do plan to try to be on the phone for the ICANN board meeting in RIO. (I will not be alone - apparently several board members will also be calling in.) It will be at 4:30am here in Colorado and my net access will be constrained.

Posted by karl at March 25, 2003 4:14 PM