May 1, 2003

No wonder Network Solutions' market share is dropping

I am amazed at how badly Network Solutions treats its customers.  It is no wonder that its market share keeps falling.

For example, yesterday I received a request from Network Solutions to confirm my contact information - otherwise they would cancel my domain name.  The trouble is they did not bother to tell me which of my many registrations they are asking about.

I've gone through several e-mail exchanges, several password resets, a phone call - mostly trying to get bits of information that NSI doesn't bother to tell.

NSI's web based system is a model of how not to do it.  For example, there is no "confirm" button on their web pages.  So what am I supposed to do if my contact information is already correct?  And when they reset a password and send you a new one they don't bother to say what accounts were reset.  Toss in some dead links, too many attempts to see me services I don't want, creation of false information about me by their database, and default answers to questions that maximize NSI profit and harm the registrant - and the total is an experience that makes me want to run from NSI as fast as I can.

And to top it all off, there is no way I can confirm that I have managed to hit the magic trigger points that let NSI believe that my contact information is accurate and that my registrations are safe.

Posted by karl at May 1, 2003 12:06 PM