May 29, 2003

The .travel lobby lumbers on

A week ago I wrote about the intense lobbying by advocates of .travel.

That lobbying has continued.

Every e-mail letter follows the same pattern, making the same assertions. It appears that a standard outline was created with each writter simply putting his or her own words into the pre-agreed upon structure.

Other similarities are that each letter is sent by a clerical person on behalf of a principal and each e-mail is packed with large attachments. One of these e-mails contained over 12 megabytes of attachments.

This kind of mindless lobbying, based on really nothing more than an assertion of self-importance, and packaged in obese e-mails that display not merely a lack of technical understanding but also a disdain for the resources of others on the net, does not sway me in favor of .travel. Indeed, I am swayed to the contrary.

Posted by karl at May 29, 2003 11:33 AM