July 31, 2003

Listening to the hearings on ICANN - part I, waiting for the hearing to begin

Well I'm waiting for the hearing to begin.

I am reading Nancy Victory's prepared statement. It's kissy rather than critical of ICANN. She accepts ICANN's "reform" without a hint of concern about the distance ICANN has imposed between itself and the public, she has no comment on has lack of progress on security by ICANN, she accepts that awful CRADA report, and she has only the most mild words about TLD allocation.

I can hear Nancy Victory and Paul Twomey in the background chatter as I wait for the hearing to begin.

I'm now reading Paul Twomey's statement - there is an odd simularity between his list of ICANN accomplishments and those listed in Nancy Victory's statement. I sense that the DOC may simply be reciting what ICANN is feeding to it.

I see that Paul is claiming the awful CRADA report as if it were the output of ICANN sleeping security committee. Otherwise his statement is much what I would have expected.

Posted by karl at July 31, 2003 11:37 AM