September 1, 2003

Why is Battle of Algiers so hard to obtain in the USA?

I've noticed a conspicuous absence from the US movie scene and market - it is the 1965 film Battle of Algiers.

Given the position of the US in Iraq, I would think that this movie ought to be required viewing. However, if one can snag a copy at all in the US, it is on VHS tape (although DVD versions are available in Europe.)

The US movie industry treats us all as thieves-in-waiting and blames its reduced sales on illicit copying. I would buy a region 0 or 1 DVD version of Battle of Algiers if I could find a copy.

This is a movie with an important message for the citizens of America of today, it is very sad that it is not easily available.

Posted by karl at September 1, 2003 12:52 AM