September 25, 2003

GNSO Wimps out

I see that ICANN's GNSO issued a resolution regarding the Verisign Registry Site Finder "service".

Verisign's action is very serious. Verisign's act repudiates the end-to-end principle, the foundation upon which the Internet is constructed. Verisign's act implies the end of coherent governance of the Internet and the abandonment of the net to monopolistic manipulation.

In contrast to the seriousness of Verisign's action, the GNSO's resolution is weak, equivocal, and timid.

In an article today, Verisign's CEO asserted that what Verisign has done is benign and that only a noisy few are concerned.

With timid and euphemistic resolutions such as the one passed by the GNSO, no one ought to be surprised if people begin to believe Verisign's words and "Site Finder" becomes the established status quo.

Posted by karl at September 25, 2003 11:18 AM