October 7, 2003

Answering Thomas' Question

Thomas Roessler asks a question in his blog - "What kind of innovation should be encouraged (or dicouraged)"?

Let me answer that by citing my First Law of the Internet:  (See my blog entry at 000059.html)

The First Law of the Internet

Every person shall be free to use the Internet in any way that is privately beneficial without being publicly detrimental.

  • The burden of demonstrating public detriment shall be on those who wish to prevent the private use.

    • Such a demonstration shall require clear and convincing evidence of public detriment.

  • The public detriment must be of such degree and extent as to justify the suppression of the private activity.

I believe that there is massive evidence, evidence that is both clear and convincing, proving that Sitefinder creates not only present damage to the internet but also substantially compromises the future development of the internet.  That, to me, is a public harm that is of such a degree and extent as to justify the suppression of Sitefinder.

Posted by karl at October 7, 2003 5:34 PM