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The photo on the left is a couple of years old.  The vicissitudes of Internet politics and life at startups have left me with a bit more gray around the edges.
Some people have said "Karl is a crock".  And I'm here to say that they are right... sort of...

Yes! That that is me over there on the right.  This was from a TheatreWorks production of Peter Pan.)

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Yes, I do have a past. I don't remember it all, but here are some of the high (and low) points:

Karl tells all...

Yes, I am a lawyer. I graduated in 1978 from Loyola of Los Angeles with a J.D. (cum laude) and am an active member of the California State Bar.  I have also been admitted to practice before the Federal Courts. Click here to see one of those expensive pieces of paper.

Questionable Practices, Interests, and Beliefs

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Updated February 05, 2002