Welcome to The .EWE Registry

.EWE offers permanent domain names for a one-time registration fee.  Names in .EWE never expire.

You pay only for domain services; you do not pay yearly rent.

.EWE strives to protect your privacy by erasing any information it may have about you once that information is no longer needed to process the registration fee.  .EWE has no WHOIS. 

Names in .EWE are represented by a digital certificate.   The digital certificate is your proof of ownership.

You present that certificate to the .EWE registry when you update the name servers for your domain name or when requesting any other service from the .EWE registry.

You may transfer your name simply by transferring the certificate.  You may transfer your name to anyone you chose at whatever price and terms agreeable to you and your transferee may.  You may even buy and sell your domain name anonymously on an open market or auction; the .EWE registry considers that to be your business.  Your transferee obtains the same ability as you to further transfer the name.   The .EWE registry offers non-repudiation transfer service to facilitate transfers while preserving anonymity; however this services is optional.

Before using the registry, please read Names In .EWE - Acquisition and Maintanance

Use of the .EWE registry is subject to the agreement on terms and conditions.

The .EWE Registry is an experimental service and is not widely deployed or usable across the internet.  Those who use the .EWE Registry should take care to read and understand the warnings and limitations described in the agreement on terms and conditions.

So, now that you know the benefits, risks, and limitations of .EWE what would you like to do?


The .EWE Registry Privacy Policy