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Check out "As the CaveBear Growls" -- a An Occasional Newsletter (very occasional considering that the first issue was never even completed) on the Internet: Technologies, Policies, Laws, And Social Implications.

Who or what is CaveBear?  The "where" part is easy: 37° 00' 02 North by 122° 00' 59 West - which just so happens to be in the City of Santa Cruz in the State of California.

CaveBear is an organization for consulting and product development.  CaveBear explores new ways of making the Internet a more useful place for people.  Projects include new paradigms for nomadic computations, the Internet Database, the Internet Information Manager, Industrial Strength World Wide Web products, and Internet protocol interoperability analysis and testing.

CaveBear was formed by me, (Karl Auerbach) in Mid 1994.

CaveBear, as a business entity,  became somewhat dormant when I joined Precept Software in 1995 (which was, in-turn, acquired by Cisco Systems.)  But now it is summer of 2001 and as Shakespeare said - "what's past is prologue, what to come in yours and my discharge."  As of this writing (August 2001) I'm starting something new - as you might expect, it's somewhat under wraps.

Apart from the business front, CaveBear, as a platform for engaging in matters of public policy, humor, and other matters, has been continuously active.

But why the word "CaveBear"?  I previously had formed companies such as Empirical Tools and Technologies Corporation and Epilogue Technology Corporation.  Nobody could spell either.  So I wanted something short, easy to remember, and easy to spell correctly.

A couple of years ago I found a postcard for "Cave Brand Pajaro Valley Apples" showing a painting of some rather happy looking bears munching on apples and playing around the mouth of a cave.  The name "CaveBear" came from that postcard.  If you want to look, here is a copy, beware, however, that it is over 100K bytes -- Cave Brand Pajaro Valley Apples

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(831) 423-8585(voice)
(831) 423-8357 (fax)  [Don't be surprised if it isn't functional - I've been bombarded by fax spammers who operate in violation of the US TCPA.]

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Updated February 05, 2002